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Clarity Pt1

Artist Nadia Hernandez spends 6 weeks training with Nike Women whilst working on her latest solo show.

Story by Good Sport April 5th, 2017

Spanning over 6 weeks, the Nike Women #StopExercising #StartTraining event included multiple and weekly training sessions that induced not only sweat, and added strength'n'skill but also eye opening insight and awareness to new ideas and possibilities. Sydney based artist Nadia Hernandez was there for all of it, through storms and heatwaves and most importantly all in the lead up to her latest solo show Cosas Antes y Después (Things Before and After) presented by Mild Manners.

"The coolest part about the 6 week training challenge really came down to the positive impact it had on me both mentally and physically in the lead up to my exhibition. It also left me with two really positive thoughts!

The first being: I can play team sport, in particular soccer! Do you know what it’s like to live your whole life thinking that your main purpose is the solo challenge?! It’s very lonely!

I realised, that I was not bad at soccer either, being good at it has always been a sort of secret obsession, in fact after training with the Matildas and getting taught how to kick a ball by Kyah Simon (!!!) I felt ready to join or start a mixed one-night-a-week indoor futsal team.

The second realisation: Was that I could be just as fit as I was 10 years ago if I put my mind to it. That my body could do such a thing as "train" again, that it felt good to be strong and that it allowed me to cope with the whirlwind around me. I was under the impression that as I approached my 30th year of life everything would kind of start to go downhill, but there was a point where doing some form of exercise everyday sparked the idea that I could “train” and feel that sense of commitment to my health and wellbeing, just unlocking that felt quite powerful and positive!".

Good Sport presents part 01 of Nadia's training journey with NikeWomen in a series of point&shoot photographs depicting her observations and feelings throughout the 6 weeks.

Challenge 1

Stop Exercising Start Training Welcome Event

Get ready to burn!


There was a huge Mack truck decked out like a gym, with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, rain, me and a sea of women all in amongst it. I was fearful. I was excited. I guaranteed sweated the most out of anyone in what felt like hours of drills and tuck jumps but I think it was only 30 minutes!


Comparing colour ways – the classic team shoe photo! It turned out a few of my friends were there and we were super curious about the plastic triangle component part of the Metcon shoe. This became evident to me in the gym the following week... (red faced emoji!)


Because training with friends is way better, we got divided up into teams. We wondered who would feel the most pain - releasing at the end it was just stations and we would all do the same suite of exercises. TBH I really enjoyed it and felt like it was definitely worth waking up at 6am on a rainy day for :-)


Challenge 2:


Skipping, med-balls and kettle bells. What you don’t see in this image is the rowing machine! An instant flashback to my swim training days. I called this challenge an overview of pain, actually it was great in terms of getting to know what some of the athletes get up to on their 'rest days'...;-)


Kettle bells! For some reason swinging these up in the air while the bottom part of your body is in squat position makes them feel not as heavy as they are? It’s kind of like dancing? Maybe? ...Nonetheless, equipment I always wished I had at home if I didn’t live in a closet, aka studio apartment in Sydney.


Eagerly awaiting minutes of non stop lunges with weights. Lunges are always hard, it’s that whole glut, meets quad, meets abs, meets balance dynamic which are a major throwback to high-school PE days that I am still yet to master...


Challenge 3:


This challenge was super cool! I actually can’t remember what weight amount I lifted, but to me as a non-lifter even that big circular weight on its own feels impressive, 35kg? 75kg? It doesn’t matter, the technique is what does, and knowing that lifting gives you the explosiveness needed for everything else, such as doing tumble turns and sprinting of the wall in a swimming race. Or jumping on the dance floor...It felt cool to try and know it’s not beyond me.


Suction butt: pretend foot is glued to the floor and is pushing the ground away, then hold an imaginary ball in between your knees, chest forward, jaw relaxed (okay maybe not that one). There was a lot to think about! The squat kind of feels like the root of all drills! Every component activates a muscle. I still search for you perfect squat...


Keep watch for part 02 of our training journey with Nadia but in the meantime go check out her solo show which is on until April 21 and located at Special Group Studios Address: 270 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW (Formerly Ray Hughes Gallery) Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 11 - 6PM or by appointment

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia